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Miguel Gallardo

Miguel Gallardo (Lleida, Catalonia, 1955) is known in the first place for being the creator of Makoki in 1977, who would be the most popular and emblematic character of the Spanish underground of the 80s. Born inspired by a story by Felipe Borrallo, and Would have scripts by Juanito Mediavila from the second comic, Makoki appeared initially in the musical magazine Disco Express, where he went to Star and Besame Mucho. In 1982 the publisher of El Víbora launches a magazine more focused on the genre of humor titled Makoki (and directed by Gallardo and Mediavila in its beginnings) with the hook of Makoki as star character.

In addition to creating Makoki, Gallardo was a founding member in 1979 of the historical magazine El Víbora, and a fixed author from the beginning.

Within the comic Gallardo has also made some comics for the press, for ABC (Buitre Buitaker strips) or La Vanguardia (the series Perico Carambola), but since the late 80’s, Gallardo relegates the comic to a secondary plane and is mainly devoted to Other activities related to drawing. She only returns to comic strips regularly for the magazine Viñetas de Joan Navarro around 1984 and since then only sporadically comic strips, such as A long silence or María y Yo (dedicated to her father and daughter respectively) or Emotional World Tour To four hands with Paco Roca).

In the 90’s Gallardo develops an important career as an illustrator, becoming highly reputed in the sector. Thus, he has regularly collaborated in the newspaper La Vanguardia, the film magazine Fotogramas, The New Yorker, El Pais, Herald Tribune and many other publications and has made abundant covers for books (among them, the version in Catalan of the well-known novel The Journal of Bridget Jones).