Many people know the taste of our wines, but few know the source of the flavors. For you to discover the origin we invite you to visit our winery at Macià Batle.

During the visit you will get to know the processes of the elaborations of our wines, with the journey of the grape from the harvest and throughout the vinification.

We will guide you through the fermentation zones with its respective reservoirs, the bottling area, and further on to the chambers of our wine cellar with our oak barrels and the last part of our aging zone with the resting bottles.

To round up the visit we indulge you with a tasting of 5 wines, combined with Mallorquin delicacies elaborated by us, such as our extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and exquisite pâtés.


Visit + tasting of 5 wines
Adults: 24€
From 10 to 18 years: 10€
From 0 to 10 years: Free

Tasting of 5 wines
Adults: 20€


IMPORTANT: Reservations will be valid only if they are confirmed, by email or phone, by our team. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that they will be able to make the requested visit.

Visiting hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
14:30 h German
11:00 | 12:30 h | 16:00 h Only on demand

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:
14:30 h English
11:00 | 12:30 h | 16:00 h Only on demand

11:00 h Spanish
14:30 h English
12:30 h | 16:00 h Only on demand

Visits to the Maciá Batle cellar are available in the following languages: Spanish | Spanish | Catalán | English | German | Swedish | Russian | French