Why is visiting Macià Batle a great option?

When we decided to visit a winery in Mallorca, how did we decide? What did we look for?
Macià Batle is a family-run winery that has been elaborating magnificent wines in the Santa María area since 1856.

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We walk past die fermentation tanks, where we can marvel at high-resolution images of our vineyards, the place where our raw material comes from.

We’ll continue to the bottling area. When it’s in full operation, surely more than one visitor will be hypnotized by the harmonic dance of the bottles.

Afterwards, we’ll get to the labelling area, where you can witness the strong union between art and wine that out winery has treasured for years.

After a stroll through the barrel area (in winter, we recommend a jacket because of the cold), we’ll soak in our famous and much-photographed bottle rack.

A magical sensation overcomes the visitors, anticipating the big final that’s waiting for them in the main hall.

Finally we arrive in the hall, decorated with spectacular works of art. A place that emanates tranquillity, culture and history. It has witnessed countless spectacles and assemblies. A perfect place to taste our best wines along with our delicatessen.

The tours are guided by expert sommeliers who can connect or visitors to the winery like no one else.
A familiar and welcoming atmosphere, in which the tourist feel at home, with all amenities for a wine tasting.


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