Xeremia Blanc 2021


Xeremia Blanc 2021

Xeremia Prensal Blanc is a fresh and aromatic wine crafted from the indigenous grape variety of Premsal Blanc from Mallorca.

Crafted with 100% Premsal Blanc grapes, its connection to the island is reflected in the label featuring an instrument intrinsically linked to Mallorca: the Xeremia. This traditional instrument is always present in the island’s popular festivities.

Upon pouring into the glass, it reveals a bright yellow color. It is distinguished by its aromatic diversity, floral and fruity essences, where hints of oak, dried fruits, mineral elements, and distinctive dried apricots of the Premsal Blanc grape are found.

The wine’s minerality is attributed to Mallorca’s cultivation area, “Call Vermell”. On the palate, it presents a refined, fresh, flavorful profile with impeccable balance and freshness.

Grape variety:
100% Premsal Blanc (Mallorca’s indigenous grape variety)
13.5% Vol.

Serving temperature:
Maximum at 11ºC to maximize its organoleptic characteristics

About the wine-making process:
The harvesting of Premsal Blanc grapes takes place in mid-September. Pneumatic presses precisely control the extraction of grape must to obtain only the pure flower extract.

Once all impurities are removed, fermentation begins with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature not exceeding 17ºC, in new barrels of French oak wood, where it rests for 6 months before being bottled, further aging for another 6 months in the bottle.

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