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Francesc Capdevila (Barcelona, ​​1956), better known as Max, is an artist with an extensive career in which he has tackled virtually all fields of graphic activity: illustration, design and cartoon.

It is, above all, one of the most important figures of the Spanish comic, with about thirty published books. In 2000 he won the Gran Premio Internacional del Sal del Cmic de Barcelona, ​​and in 2007 he was the first National Comic Prize.

From its beginnings, when it created to personages so popular like Gustavo or Peter Pank, to the most recent Bardn the Superrealist and the Devil Storyteller, Max has deployed a graphic and narrative repertoire able to move in all the registries and sorts. With his drawing, indebted to the tradition of the clear line, and his dominion of the environment, he tells stories angry, dark or surreal, but always through humor and with an unusual sensitivity and a clear will of rupture and experimentation.

In the field of illustration, Max’s work is vast, and includes albums, posters, books, newspapers and animations, works that have won him awards such as the Junceda Iberia Award (2004), or the Graphic Award (2014).

Max lives in Mallorca since 1984.