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John Kleckner

John Kleckner, artist born in the United States, lives and works in Berlin.

In his work, Kleckner creates a mixture of intricately detailed and abstract drawings with ink and watercolor. He has also recently begun the production of collages in which he combines drawings and details of connection and disconnection of the pages of books of genre art history, comic and horror, causing the ironic overlap of historical and contemporary images and themes. Reviewing your work, one realizes that this is a constant practice.

In his drawings of mixed technique, Kleckner creates oversized black or white matt areas that direct the eye towards the opening of a peephole in which a pictorial drawing is revealed in miniature. Within these figurative drawings, it creates hollow faces that seem to float between their bottoms. Kleckner is driven by the desire to explore how far he can limit the visual areas of a face before they are no longer recognized as such. In these limited facial representations, he uses absent elements such as eyes and nose as well as hair to intricately illustrate expressions within this context, such as compassion, sadness, fear and anguish.