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Bartolomé Seguí


Bartolomé Seguí was born in Palma in 1962. Author of comics and illustrator, he began professionally in 1983 publishing his first comic in the magazine Metropol. Since then, he has collaborated in comic magazines as diverse as El Víbora, Cairo, El Jueves, Madriz, Medios Revoltos, Somos Somos Los Muertos and BDbanda.

Since the departure of A salto de mata (Plot, 1989) has published 10 monographic comics, in addition to their participation in collective works, children’s illustrations, publish a daily strip in Last Hour or edit with the children’s magazine Esquitx.

His work The Blind Snakes (Dargaud / BDbanda, 2009), with screenplay by Felipe H. Cava, won numerous awards, including the 2009 National Comic Award.