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Patrick Hill

The 2011 special edition wine label is an original work by the prestigious artist PATRICK HILL, born in Michigan, USA. In 1977, where he lives and works. In the process of producing his works, Hill combines sculptural forms with pictorial references, incorporating dyed fabrics into his compositions. The use of this technique is reflected in the label he has made for Macià Batle. The materials used in his works are wood, stone, steel, stained fabrics and glass. Hill also produces oil paints and organic pigments. The purple-red color used in many of his works is chosen to illustrate the label of our new breeding special edition 2011. The artist gets the pigments to obtain this characteristic color in his work of plants, fruits and vegetables, The link with the world of wine makes sense in the origin of the same. Hill’s sculptures show and compare two different existences: the rigidity and flexibility of the materials with which he works. Normally his works refer to minimalism and the human body.