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Yannick Vu

Marie-Claire Yannick Vu (Monforte del Cid-El Amaury, Yvelines, Ile-de-France (August 27, 1942) is a painter and sculptor of Vietnamese origin, British nationalized and resident in Mallorca since 1963, in which began to spend seasons Was born in Vu Cao Dam, a well-known Vietnamese painter of Impressionism, a French nationalitzat.He currently lives in the estate of the White Balsa Alcúdia (Majorca) and has been working together with her husband (Ben Jakober) since 1993. The marriage founded the Foundation Bien Jakober for conserving and restoring works of the Spanish historical heritage and promoting the arts in general.

The Foundation is exhibited in Germany, England, Italy or France. In 1998 he won the Ramon Llull Prize. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of its foundation.